Are Size Charts really a solution to reduce wrong sizing?

Even though the fashion industry claims to try to standardise sizes, the variation in size charts appears even when we look at the items of the same brand. There is no universal size chart, and it is unlikely that this will ever happen because, as we know, we are all different. Diversity makes us unique, so placing everyone in the same pattern will be a huge mistake. Our measurements do have some similarities, indeed. Still, we believe that stores that do not take size into consideration usually take advantage of that so they can work faster and sell more.

However, some brands value their diversity above anything else. The shapes of clothes, the sizes, and the fit are a form of intellectual property that makes the brands exclusive. So, of course, they will keep the particularities of the size charts to retain their loyal customers. There is a common practice to make clothes that only fit the brand’s most typical client perfectly. So what happens to the other people who will try those items? Nothing, as they are not a target for the shop in the cause! Don’t they want additional clients? Of course, they do, but they have to put time and hours of work into this.  


Your average client cannot convert from inches to centimetres, trying to figure out what measurement he should choose. This is only one way of losing a client due to size chart errors.  But we haven’t started speaking about them!

Besides, every single one of us ordered something online, expecting it to be a perfect match – spoiler alert, it wasn’t! –  we’ve also seen many errors in the online size charts available in many stores. Some are just randomly matching a size chart for wrong items (and trust us, we’ve seen t-shirt tables matched with pants!), while some are just uploading the wrong or old ones on every single product. And, of course, many other stores don’t even bother uploading their size tables.


Right Tech Solution for Wrong Sizing

At ESENCA, we know that we are all different, and this has always been something that cannot be neglected anymore. Our apps address any shape, size, measurement, and fit.

Esenca Easy Fit is a fit predictor that can help users find their measurements in less than 30 seconds! The client has to go through this process only once and all his sizes will be already selected on any item in the shop. The 92x Return on Investment that we recently succeeded with our client speaks for itself. With even a free plan available, our app is now available on Shopify.

Esenca Perfect Fit is the solution that is addressed to made-to-measure stores. Imagine this: 1 minute to scan, 2 pictures to make and, as a result: over 100 measurements. The accuracy is a combination of a specialised virtual assistant, AI and ML technology and the best expertise of our team. Have we piqued your interest yet?

Let’s book a call and transform your website into a safe space for everybody – and every single body!

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