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Increase your store’s profitability with our AI-backed measuring engine that simplifies everything. Better intelligence to convert more and reduce returns.


Cut your losses and boost your sales with our easy-to-use precise sizing solution.

Streamline and optimize the buying process by connecting shoppers with the products that fit them perfectly.

Cutting-edge technology

Offer your clients size recommendations personalized to your size charts, boost your sales, and gather powerful analytics.

Seamless process

Built on AI algorithms, Perfect Body Fit offers shoppers spot-on body measurements based on only two photos taken with their smartphone.

Impressive functionality

With its easy-to-use features, perfect body fit is highly versatile and can be successfully applied to all fashion-related industries.

Unlocking revenue

Deliver branded friction-free customer experiences while benefiting from advanced machine learning intelligence & considerably boosting sales.

Get Perfect Body Fit for your shop

With AI & ML algorithms to fuel size predictions and data collection, we merge standard measuring with body-modeling knowledge to instantly offer you +100 measurements, with under 5mm precision from two user photos.

Automate & optimize / Acquire & retain shoppers

Easy-to-use fit predictor offers size recommendations personalized to your shop charts. 

Data-driven prediction

No room for assumptions. Powered by artificial intelligence and equipped with an API engine, Esenca uses innovative technologies to perform precise measurements.

Effortless sizing process

All Easy Body Fit requires is the weight, height, and body shape of the user to instantly reveal sizing recommendations based on your store’s measurements.

Seamless integration

Our sizing app will harmoniously integrate on any platform creating an all-encompassing system sure to drive quality and a better customer experience.

Get Easy Body Fit for your shop

Collect sizing indicators and connect them with your shop’s standard measures. Store the data obtained from returning customers to streamline shopping. Make it easy for your shoppers to find the products that fit them perfectly.

Supersized productivity

A State-of-the-art measuring solution that goes beyond online shopping and retail stores. Highly specialized and customizable for your business.

Hyper sizing personalization

Machine learning technology to amplify measuring power, providing the user with customized sizing predictions.

Impressive easy-of-use

Employing complex algorithms to deliver detailed & precise measurements based on only two photos uploaded by the user.

Tailor-made. Truly

Offering shoppers the possibility to acquire made-to-order unique apparel without the risk of poor measurements.

Get Tailor Body Fit for your shop

Due to its seamless integration, significant data & in-house analytics, you’ll meet your customer’s expectations and offer unique shopping experiences. Functioning perfectly across all channels, you can measure your shoppers right, wherever they might be.

Connect shoppers with their desired products, boost sales and eliminate the risk of returns due to inaccurate body measuring. Grow your business with better sizing.

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Increase your sales, revolutionize customer experiences, reduce the number of returns, streamline key strategies to skyrocket your business. All thanks to intelligent sizing.