Virtual Assistants – A Tool Designed For Future, Today

Virtual Assistants are becoming indispensable in today’s society, as they are no longer a science fiction thing. You can come across one in various scenarios in the online space, as they are used for many tasks to help users maximize their experience with multiple applications.

The number of available assistants on the market is only increasing, and they will become an even more integrated part of our online (and offline) lives. According to Statista, there will be over 8 billion digital voice assistants in use worldwide by 2024, almost equal to the world’s population.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant, also called virtual or digital assistant, can be defined as an application program that relies on technologies to carry out different tasks specific to humans based on commands or questions. It is the best tool for giving feedback and indications and helping users with the flow of any program.

Digital experiences alongside virtual assistants are considered one of the best technological advances and most promising consumer trends. Real life will be closer to the users, constantly seeking this proximity while browsing.

At esenca, we’ve always been concerned with making the body scanning process more accessible and faster and stopping frustrating the clients with useless information or commands that can’t be understood quickly. To do that, the Virtual Assistant was the best option available.

Our Virtual Assistant uses cutting edge technology in Artificial Intelligence, such as Machine Learning to infer body key-points, Computer Vision to tackle the image segmentation issues and Deep Learning to keep the learning loop on with each user that scans through esenca.

Voice communication can sometimes represent optimal man-machine communication. There are certain situations where this is the only possible way of interaction. Moreover, there is no need to use hands or vision, so the user is free to undertake another activity – such as, in this case, getting measured with the help of one of our tools!

Feedback is the main reason a virtual assistant is needed. People need reassurance that they are staying in the correct position. If the instructions are unclear, the process will take longer until you are in the proper place. In the end, anyone can measure in less than 30 seconds.

This is the perfect back-and-forth between our services and clients. esenca’s Virtual Assistant is very structured, offering the best customer support in the market and the most seamless scanning experience.

Furthermore, digital assistants are evolving to provide more value to their users. As technology improves, they will move even deeper into business workflows. AI virtual assistants adapt to the needs of each user, providing a high level of personalization.

Computer Vision allows esenca’s system to recognize body language and give feedback anytime the user is not placed in the correct position. Soon, many options will be available for the clients to make the experience even more valuable.

In the future, esenca’s Virtual Assistant will be able to provide outfit recommendations, give reminders to measure again after a particular time, and give analytics while comparing various data. And this is a future that can already be foreseen!

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