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Welcome to Esenca Spotlight. We are researching and developing great State of Art Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision techniques that we use in measuring the human body from images. These technologies have many other use cases in health, fitness, sports, and security.

Since this is our first post, we will briefly describe what we have achieved until now, and in other posts, we will keep you updated with our progress, products, and future developments.

In early March 2020, we gathered for the Innovation Labs Hackathon, held at Politehnica University of Bucharest. We had access to guidance from the organizers. We were selected to advance to the final round, where we won the Best Scale Up award. Since then, we have developed an exact solution for measuring the human body, having a margin of error of 0.5 cm and a processing time of a few seconds.

The whole process is as simple as possible for the end-user; a short tutorial describes the measuring process. Using our user-friendly design, it inputs some data (age, weight, height, gender). An advanced AI virtual assistant will guide the user to the optimal position in the camera frame with visual and audio cues (“move further away from the camera,” “slightly raise your hands,” etc.). Thus, it will take two photos of the user, one with him front facing the phone, the other on the side. Together with the data offered by the user, the two photos will be processed on our servers, and in a matter of a few seconds the result is given to the user. 

It is essential to mention that we have three products, for different needs at the moment. 

ESENCA EASY BODYFIT – our essential product, which completely bypasses the photos and relies solely on the metadata inputted by the user. This product is for primary use, where taking images is not desired or required. 

ESENCA PERFECT BODYFIT is our advanced product, which relies on metadata and images to measure with improved performance. Once the measuring process is done, the user gets the size for each piece of clothing from a particular shop.

ESENCA TAILOR BODYFIT – our most advanced product, which relies on metadata and images, where the user receives detailed values for more than 100 measurements of the body. This product is dedicated to tailors, rendering them capable of measuring people remotely.

And bam, you can get the exact size for any piece of clothing in any shop just like that; either you want to take photos or just want a simple but highly accurate fit predictor. And if you have a favorite tailor or want to try a famous tailor far from you, you can benefit from their services without having to leave your home.

After measuring your body, we can recreate a 3D model with your measurements so that you can see your virtual body. Furthermore, we are developing a virtual try-on, where you can see how clothes of different sizes and materials will fit you. Stay tuned for our progress in our next blog post. Also, follow us on LinkedIn, where you can find visual sneak peeks.

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